Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Approval based user registration process for WSO2 AppFactory


 1. User enters information to register in the Appfactory

 2. User gets a notification 'Registration request has been submitted and it's under approval'

 3. Admin logins to the system

 4. Checking the available tasks

 5. User registration request is available in the Claimable Task list (Task is in READY state)

 6. Admin progressing the task (Task moves from READY to IN_PROGRESS state)

 7. Admin performs 'Approve' or 'Reject'  to complete the task

 8. Task moves from IN_PROGRESS to COMPLETED state

Now the task is no longer in Claimable or MyTasks categories. Earlier performed tasks can only be found in AllTasks list.

If the approval is done by the administrator, new user gets an email with login instructions.

In the next post, I'll discuss how this has been implemented using bpel, humantasks and 
jaggery(jaggery UI).

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  1. This is a great and a pretty much interesting post,

    Currently i'm working on implementing a bpel - human task process , but due the lack of documentation it's a very complicated task, regarding the human task creation, do I have to make all the *.ht files by hand? Do you know if there's around there a tool in beta in order to include that in eclipse? And another thing , when I run the humantask sample in the bps platform, i notice that there're all the process/task variables populated, but when I create my own tasks those variables always come empty, do you have any idea of how this could be happening? And regarding your article, do you hace a simplified sample of how did you accomplished that great project? kind regards