Monday, October 22, 2012

Invoking WSO2 Carbon Admin Services using BPEL

(1) UEP Approach [Relevant to: BPS 3.0.0]
Add basic auth credentials (username and password) as http headers in unified endpoint configuration.

A sample configuration (.epr) is shown below.

        xsi:schemaLocation=" uep_schema.xsd"
           <transport type="http">

A Sample is available at [1].

(2) Using a proxy service [Relevant to: BPS 3.0.0 and older (carbon 3.2.* ) versions]
First login to AuthenticationAdmin service and get a authenticated cookie, that cookie value can be used for all subsequent invocations.

  • BPEL process invokes the login method in the AuthenticationAdminProxy service which in turn invokes the backend servers' AuthenticationAdmin service. On the return path, this proxy service retrieves the authenticated cookie and sends to BPEL as value in the SOAP message, so the BPEL can keep this value in a variable.
  • For all the subsequent requests from the BPEL process, it sends this cookie to the corresponding proxy services. These proxy services set the cookie as a HTTP header and invoke the backend service.


  1. Could you please tell me the step by step process for How can we consuming WSO2 ESB service USING WSO2 BPS(BPEL

  2. You can call do a web service call via an invoke activity. Get the admin service wsdl and follow the above steps.