Monday, March 5, 2012

How to install BPEL features via Feature Manager

You can install feature to any Carbon server using;
  1. Equinox OSGi console or using
  2. Carbon management console.
1. Using Equinox OSGi console.

Start the Carbon server with osgiConsole.
thilini@thilini:~/home/thilini/wso2greg-4.1.1/bin$ ./ -DosgiConsole

Now specify the artifact and metadata repositories in the OSGi console.

Check the installable features included in the above artifact repository via;

Now install the BPEL feature as follows.
osgi>provinstall 3.2.0

If the installation is successful, you will get the "Installation complete" message.

Then restart the carbon server to apply the changes. To shutdown the server;
Then start the server again to see the Business Process Server functionality.
thilini@thilini:~/home/thilini/wso2greg-4.1.1/bin$ ./

2. Using Carbon Management Console

Figure1: Add p2 repository location.

If the required repository is not in the list, add the new p2 repository location. 

Figure2: Filter 'BPEL' Feature via Find Features option 

This allows you to search for available features in repositories. You can select the exact repository or all available repositories. Some repositories contains multiple versions of features. If you are only interested in latest versions, you can use the "Show only the latest versions" option. 

If the selected repository contains features which are already installed in the system, they will not be shown under the available features list and also the previous versions of installed features will not be shown.

Figure3: Available feature list.

Select 'BPEL' and click install to proceed to the next step. 'BPEL' feature contains the bundles required for BPEL functionality.

 Figure4: Installation..

Figure5: Accept the terms of the license agreement.

 Figure6: Installation..

Then you will get the 'Installation Complete' message. Now restart the server and check whether the features are correctly installed.

Figure7: Business Processes capabilities are available via the Carbon server Management Console.

P2 features come as a hosted solution as well as a zip archive. You can use either the hosted solution [1] or the packaged solution [2], but if you are behind a proxy you will face a problem when using hosted solution. In that case use the zip archive.
Refer more details on Provisioning WSO2 Carbon based SOA Products with Equinox P2 and find p2repository locations from [3].

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